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DiRT Rally Rallycross – Very Hard Difficulty

Welcome to DiRT Rally – a new world of DiRT. A pure expression of rally, the pinnacle of off-road motor racing and it begins now, in Steam Early Access, with regular free updates including new locations, new game modes and new vehicles.

I’m in shock to see how skillful this guy is on the steering wheel! Note that he’s using the clutch with a 6 gear speed transmission at a very hard difficulty! Takes a lot of practice to accomplish a level under so much pressure!

No assists, all turned off. 360 degrees of rotation.


TrackIR pro V5 (oculus rift wannabe)
Steering/Racing wheel: Thrustmaster T500 RS (with Pedals) & TH8RS 8 speed gearbox shifter.
Camera: Samsung NX20 + PL200 (for feet gearbox)
Screen: Samsung Syncmaster P2770 (1920×1080, 1ms)
GPU: Gigabyte Windforce 3x OC Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 4gb
CPU: AMD FX 8320 3.5-4Ghz (Eight Core)
RAM: 10GB DDR3 1600Mhz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P
Fans: 1 side (Red led), 1 back (Blue led), 1 front. Coolermaster
Power supply: SuperFlower 650W
Chassi: Antec VSK4000E
*Cheapest PC build you can find for under 500$ dollars! Kind of.

By: broburga



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